Getting the new spam folder to work

I was wondering to it is possible to get the new Ham and Spam folders to work with IMAP clients so users can sort there mail that way. I tried several programs and couldn’t seem to get it to work. anyone know any secrets? thanx.

Hi Wolfradio,

Since you didn’t provide very many details about what the problem you encountered was, I’ll give you some general information that hopefully will help.

There are two different things going on.

The first thing deals where spam messages get delivered. Assuming SpamAssassin is enabled, either globally in NodeWorx, or at the SiteWorx level under the “E-mail” menu -
if there is an IMAP folder named “Spam” in a user’s e-mail account, then mail tagged as spam by SpamAssassin will be delivered to this “Spam” IMAP folder. You should be able to create the Spam folder with webmail, or with any IMAP client. Non-spam messages will be delivered to the Inbox, as usual.

The second thing involves training the SpamAssassin Bayes database - this uses two special IMAP folders, named “Learn Spam” and “Learn Ham”. These folders should already be in each e-mail account. You may need to “subscribe” to these folders with your e-mail client to see them. Once per day these folders are searched for messages, and if any are found it will use those messages to train the Bayes database.

I hope that helps. Let us know if you have more specific questions and we’ll do our best to help.


Ahh alright i think i got it figured out now. Thanks a bunch!