Head Includes

G’Day All,

Think of this request as a friendly FOSS issue and your help, a service to the community!

When I setup centos.candishosting.com.cn, I copied the HEADER.html and HEADER.imags directories to every sub directoy.

Now with FC8 seeded to mirrors today and open on Thursday, I am finally getting around to doing the same for the first and only Fedora mirror in China:


However whenever I put in directives in the conf.d conf fragment that belongs to this domain like:

<Directory /home/fedoraca/fedora.candishosting.com.cn/html>
AllowOverride none
Options Indexes
IndexIgnore README .htaccess *.bak *~ lost+found
IndexOptions +SuppressDescription +FoldersFirst
HeaderName /home/fedoraca/fedora.candishosting.com.cn/html/HEADER.html

No matter what I do, the headers don’t appear at any level. Remove these directives as I have now and the single copy I have in the root HTML directory works.

I really don’t want to have to copy to every sub directory in the 300+GB of data that there is coming. And I can get it to work with Vanilla CentOS 4.5, but not this macine that has Interworx on it.

Help! Deadline approaching! :-\


Wow - 30 reads and no responses…? I thought we were all Linux geeks and hosting experts here?

I can still make this work fine on normal CentOS 4.5 and apache, but continued tests on the interworx 3.0.3 keep failing…


Hi Richard,

There’s nothing particularly special about the apache install with InterWorx, so this is very confusing. Are there any errors at all in the /var/log/httpd/error_log, or in the /home/<user>/var/<domain>/logs/error.log when those options are enabled?