Help needed getting back into Interworx & Webmail - PHP error

Not sure what happened or what to do about it. I’m getting this error when I use the Nodeworx or webmail URLs:

Warning: main(…/include/iworx.conf.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /usr/local/interworx/html/index.php on line 32

Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required ‘…/include/iworx.conf.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib64/php’) in /usr/local/interworx/html/index.php on line 32

I’m running PHP 5.6 from the remi repo and Ioncube from Licensecart.

Help appreciated.

Hi sysnop

I hope your well

Have you run the second command Nathan posted – quad_daily

I cannot copy/paste directly in tapatalk but it’s the command after yum clean all

Looks like that will resolve your issue

Many thanks


Hi sysnop
Sorry, heres the command to run from SSH to correct the issue. Kudos Nathan
Many thanks
yum clean all && ~iworx/cron/iworx.pex --quad_daily

Hi John. I didn’t realize this was a new issue posted earlier. It’s fixed now. The cron alone didn’t help but combined with ‘yum clean all’ solved it.

Thanks once again!