Help with clustering needed.


We’re having some issues with the clustering, I hope you can help me.

  • Our intention is to load balance the nodes so they can reply directly to the user (every node with 2 nics, one for the cluster and another for internet) through their internet ips. I’ve been available to configure a cluster with 2 nodes so the nodes can reply to the users by sending all packets back through the load balancer, consuming the load balancer bandwidth, but I don’t know to configure the cluster so the nodes can use their own internet ip address to reply directly the requests. So we can have a 10 mbps connection for the cluster manager and a dedicated 100 mbps connection for each node.

  • With CentOS configured with eth0 (internet ip) and eth1 (local ip) I can’t set eth1 ip as the quorum ip. The only thing I can do to set local ip as quorum ip is to configure the local ip as eth0 and the internet ip as eth1, but, we have some servers with internet ip as eth0 and local ip as eth1 and there is no way we could change this.

There is something we could do to set the eth1 ip as the quorum ip (not the eth0 ip) and set the nodes to reply directly to the users with their own public addresses without using the load balancer public address?

Thank you.


Open a ticket and I can get you through this process. The eth0/eth1 setup isn’t as simple as it should be.


I’ll do Chris.

What about the first issue?, is it possible?.


The system allows for only the nodes to respond directly and not go back through the LB. This is the only supported/possible configuration. Does that answer your question?


Oh, I see, I think I’ve been confused with the eth0/eth1 thing.

I hope I can reinstall the cluster with the right quorum ip and look what happens, it has been a big headache this weekend with that.

Thanks Chris.