High memory usage?

Hello there! I have a Dual Xeon 2.8 with 1.5GB RAM running Ixorx and look at the memory usage I’m getting with the server been idle. The server is NOT online, so not serving http requests or anything, just ftp transfers ever now and then to update some account. BTW, I have like 40 domains on this test machine. Do you think the used RAM is normal? Sounds a bit too high for an idle server, doesn’t it? Regards,


This is a great example that confuses a lot of people Poooh. The pink part of the graph is the actual “used” memory. The dark red part is memory that is “cached” by linux, meaning when a program needs more ram, Linux is ready to hand it out. So you can subtract the dark red from that graph to get a better idea of the actually memory usage.


Thanks for the explanation, but I think the graph shoul be more clear. Where it says “used RAM” it should show the pink, which in this case is NOT 1.26GB, but rather (1.26-686.57 = 574MB) 574MB, don’t you think? Keep up with the good work!

Don’t you think this is frightening…? :frowning: Wouldn’t you think you’re running out of memory? In fact, here is a screenshot of the “top” command and it still isn’t very clear why on a system with 1.5GB of memory I’m running out with only 40 sites and hardly no traffic… :confused:




I’m not sure why you think you’re running out. The top output clearly shows almost 800MB of free memory.


Please correct me if I’m wrong or read the stats incorrectly, but I think that the top command shows 71312k (aprox 71MB) of free memory. Is that correct?

You’re incorrect Poooh :). As Paul said, Linux caches memory so the memory listed as “cached” (i.e. 706756k) is in essence “free”.


I’ve NEVER been so happy to be wrong!!! HAHAHAHA!!! :slight_smile: Thanks!

no problem! :smiley:

Don’t ya just love how Linux labels things so clearly… rolls eyes