High server load when cron backuk is running


I have to create a full backup of a storage every day. It’s between 6-8 GB. In the last 2-3 moths I get always high load warning e-mail.

Here is some load example:

Today: The current load average is 7.91 7.22 5.54.
Yesterday: The current load average is 7.78 7.24 5.59.
03/01: The current load average is 7.86 7.23 5.69.
02/28: The current load average is 7.99 7.43 5.71.

Is it normal? If not, what can I do to reduce the server load?

Is it possible to create backup only a selected subdomain and the whole database?


Depending on your hardware configuration, this could be entirely normal. What’s your hardware look like? Processors, RAM, etc?

It’s not a strong server. It has Intel C2D E6550 processor and 8 GB RAM with Centos.

But earlier I didn’t get this message and the data wasn’t much fewer.

I think earlier I created the backup with a cron job (backup.pex) and now I’m using the backup option in Siteworx.

Without taking a much closer look, I don’t really know - If you’d like to open up a support ticket, we can hop in and take a look while a backup’s running to see what’s going on.

If the same backups used to complete w/o driving load up and now do, you may be looking at an i/o issue, and that may mean an issue with raid, if you have a raid set. Degraded raid can cause i/o to degrade as well, obviously.

I’d recommend seeing what’s actually causing the load during the backup.

I changed the backup method to a cron job (backup.pex) as before and I’m waiting for the morning what will be the result.

We’re using raid, it looks like no problem with it. I have a guess, we’re using malware detector that runs in every 5 minutes. Maybe the backup and the detector is too much to our server.

I disabled the malware detector while the backup runs and everything is OK. Thanks the replies!