Hoo Ah...

Just a gratitude post to the Iworx team and Paul in particular.

I posted a post the other day concerning a significant server problem I was having. Although it was not really an IWorx problem, Paul spent a significant amount of time driving it to resolution and working to get it resolved over a 2 day period.

Seems it was related to a disk/filesystem problem at first that was made significantly worse when the EV1 folks accidentally deleted the network startup script and who knows that else, additional problems of an unknown nature showed up the next day on Thursday after all of that was resolved and we had the server working after a late night on Wednesday, and once again Paul drove it to resolution, all the while while the EV1 folks apparently sat around playing three stooges.

This was all value add and extra mile stuff on the part of Paul and the IWorx team, something that is not prevalent in most businesses today, so if any folks reading this are thinking of making the switch or purchasing IWorx, let this stand as a testament to the service behind what is really a fantastic product.

Great service and a fantastic product, what a concept in todays world eh? All I can say in the words of the immortal Al Pacino in “Scent of a Woman”

Hoo Ah!

and thanks!

Thats why always say the monthly fee I pay is just for the support and I get the CP for free :smiley: