Horde error: /usr/lib/sendmail

A user reported the following error, which I duplicated with my own mailbox. This is, as before for me, running CentOS 4.1 x86_64, with Interworx 2.1.

There was an error sending your message: sendmail [/usr/lib/sendmail] not executable

That path is specified in at least two files:

   $conf['mailer']['params']['sendmail_path'] = '/usr/lib/sendmail';


To avoid possible issues with it being specified in other locations, I have simply run the following commands:

ln -s /usr/sbin/sendmail /usr/lib/sendmail
chown root:qmail /usr/lib/sendmail
chmod 777 /usr/lib/sendmail

These commands setup a link to /usr/sbin/sendmail (which is itself a link), duplicating the permissions and ownership of the latter. This has fixed the issue.

Thanks for the detailed report Martin, we’ll check it out and fix any necessary RPMs.