Hostingcon: So which one is Chris?

So which one is Chris?

haha niice…he’s the one on the left…then Alison (Paul’s wife), then Socheat.


Chris is looking really sharp there.
Anyway I really think that the Interworx booth is the best booth.
Not huge like M$,Fastservers or Sago but definitely top aesthetic wise.
Nice color combi and doesn’t look empty.
Cool way to setup the monitors BTW.

How come they locked you up in the headquarter?
Didn’t you stomp your foot and beg Chris to tag you along?
Just kidding.:smiley:
Wheres paul by the way? Did he attend the event?

Paul was there as well as my self. The whole crew rolled down there to represent! haha. There are some pics in another post on here somewhere that I posted. I’ll have to find it.

right there!

How come youre not in any of the pics?
Are you the one taking the pics or are you the photo shy one?

I’ve got pics! Will post them soon. :slight_smile:

Nahh…I was around here and there. I’m sure someone got a pic of me! :slight_smile: