Nice! I like it! :smiley:


And if you look REALLY close, you’ll see the plate next to the empty one is missing a pickle… :smiley:

That’s ok…the second day I took two brownies so I could give one to jodie in the hotel room :wink:


That’s the lunch Chris ate when he finally made it down there. No pickle for him! LOL!!!

Tooooooo BAD! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do those Interworx shirts come in black? That would be w00t! Plus a hoodie or sock-cap would be hella. :smiley:

I wanna hoodie too :frowning: CHRIIIIIIS!!! :wink:

I’ll sell you a black InterWorx H00die when the IWorx guys go out of town. Then they can post here when they get back and tell everyone not to buy them :smiley:

Black is slimming. That is all! CHRIIIIIS!!! :rolleyes: