hostname pbm


on my new server I’d like to change the hostname
so I do : hostanme
and I update /etc/hosts

When I do host, it is the name I have enter

But after a reboot, the old name reappears
and when I do hostname, it isn’t the new name but the old one

So the FTPd and Httpd can’t start (as the old name is not in /etc/hosts)

Where does it find the old name
How do I have to change the name of my box
(for me it is strange as I already changed the name of few of my boxes and i’ve never had this pbm)

Any idea ??? do I forget something ???


  1. edit /etc/sysconfig/network
  2. edit /home/interworx/iworx.ini (6th line down is the the hostname)
  3. edit /var/qmail/control/me (optional, but this is the domain that mail sent from php and other scripts will show up as, if no sender is specified)
  4. reboot

I think that should do it.


erff I had forgot network !!!
thanks Paul it should be ok now


I do it, but nothing changed))

Use the ‘hostname’ function to change your hostname mihakot. The iworx.ini editing is no longer needed: