How about a update to 2.1.3 as for as ScriptWorx is concern

Please do not take this as a complaint or negative comment, because I do not mean it to be taken as one.

With the unknown release date of the eagerly awaited IW 3.0, is there any way a 2.1.5 (I understand a 2.1.4 for Fedora is already out) could be released with at least the update of software to ScriptWorx? As many of the scripts in ScriptWorx are becoming outdated quickly.

I realize that 3.0 once released will allow us to update these scripts, at least thats my understanding, but until then any way get a 2.1.5 ScriptWorx update until 3.0 becomes available?

Thanks guys for considering! And Happy New Year!

We feel your pain, R-n-R. Unfortunately, because so much has changed between the current ScriptWorx in 2.1.3/4 and the one in 3.0, doing a point release for just updated scripts would be more difficult than you think. :frowning: