How are subdomains done ?

Hi there. A while ago I have interworx server, but it wasn’t really suited to my needs. It had many limitations that forced me to move back to Cpanel. But I’ve seen that a lot of them from what I gatehred from looking at the information released so far have been fixed.

There is a reseller panel, and a clustering panel.

My other requirements were :

Subdomains done via VIRTUAL HOST, not the mod_redirect system that it had before. I believe the mod redirect would carry with it a performance penalty that will build up hosting a few popular sites. So my question is this. How are the subdomains done on a generic account ? Is it still done via Mod_redirect ? Thanks.

Still via mod_rewrite NAPPA, but we will be changing things at some point to a “better” system.


Also, if you make the subdomains for the user in the siteworx account manager it will create it a normal domain.

Hi chris, I’m actually not discouraging the use of mod_rewrite option. If someone is planning to host a large number of virtual hosts ( domains and subdomains included approx. 1000 - 2000 ), then there would significant penalty with apache itself. However, this is not the case with mod_redirect.

However, if the goal is to host very small number of accounts with less virtual hosts, and more users ( ie : domains, and a few subdomains ), mod_redirect becomes a better choice. Perhaps being able to choose which method to use per account, and a global default would be a good option to go with :slight_smile: