How can I restrict ModernBill from using certain IP addresses for new accounts?

When ModernBill (v4.3) creates an InterWorx account automatically, it claims to “request” an IP address from the InterWorx server. Unfortunately, the InterWorx server is returning the first shared IP, and I do not want it to. (The first shared IP happens to be the one we use for our own websites.) Therefore, I have to either fix the damage after it is done, or make a new account by hand.

Is there a way for me to tell IWorx-CP something like “This IP is full” or “Active in API: No”? I suppose both would be desired for various reasons (on the IP Management page), but it sounds like adding an “Active in API” column would be easier.

This isn’t the exact feature you’re looking for jimp, but in the modernbill InterWorx Server Module Configuration, there is an option named “IP Retrieval Rule:”. The options are “First”, “Last”, “Least Used”, and “Most Used”.

Would tweaking this setting help your situation?


“Most used” on the right track, but still not perfect. The IP I would like to see new signups go to is “Less than most used” :slight_smile:

Thanks for a work-around. I’ll wait to see if it works. It is at least better than having any random person launching a PayPal scam that resolves to our company website(s) IP address. :mad: