How do I add ip addreses...

To nodeworx for use on dedicated servers?

EV1 assigns me address that I can use for sites, the list is a dropdown in Nodeworx, whereas ensim just would let me enter the address when adding a new site.

Is there a config file somewhere that stores them?


Did you try restarting the iworx service?

#service iworx restart

If EV1 gave them to you and a config file needed to be updated I would think they would have done it for you (or told you how to do it). InterWorx itself just reads your regular configuration filles for most things.

Just run:

/home/interworx/cron/ip.pex --sync

And it’ll sync up the IPs.


Hehe, I stand corected :wink:

Hmmmm, I still only see one IP. I doubt that they actually do anything at the server level, which means I’ll have to probably them and then do the sync…

Where does nodeworx sync them from?

NodeWorx reads them directly from “ifconfig” so if you don’t see it in the list I’d do an ifconfig and see if it’s there. It probably isn’t. You’ll have to map the IP to the server first and then run the ip.pex command to resync the IPs bluesin.


Is this a complicated process…

Something that was done automatically before I’m assuming…

This might be past my educational level at this time. Please be gentle:>)

No problem bluesin. Is this a new (additional) IP that you got your DC to allocate and you’re adding to the box? If it is feel free to open a ticket and we’ll map the I for you.


I think I can do this through webmin…

however, what’s wierd is on the old server there are no addresses showing up at the interface level except for the main ip address for the server.

So how was it being done before, any idea?

As an aside, its this specific reason I’m making the switch, I’ve migrated from earthlink, which did everything for me, to EV1 and “that other control panel” to a new server and “your control panel”. In each step, I’ve forced myself to learn through the process, gaining mode knoweledge in the process, specifically this is one reason I wanted to make the switch because I just did not know what that “other control panel” was doing most of the time and I just am not comfortable with that.

So I do have a lot to learn, but its more fun that way…


however, what’s wierd is on the old server there are no addresses showing up at the interface level except for the main ip address for the server.

So how was it being done before, any idea?

If you did an ‘ifconfig’ on the old server and didn’t see a list of IPs then Linux wasn’t listening on them. I’m not sure if ensim does the ifconfig step for you or not but regardless if the IPs weren’t visible via an “ifconfig” then they weren’t being used by Linux.

And we’re glad you chose us bluesin! The forums are a great place to get into the guts of what is going on :).


Not there…

ensim runs as a webserver and must mask it somehow. I can’t seem to get logged in to interworx, even had it send me a new pass and still can’t…

I’ve decided to let you guys do this one so I can see the results, I’m unsure of the mask, etc and its best left to pros at first to guide me by example…

Got it, I was trying to access by the login in the upper right hand corner.

Ticket has been opened…

Correct me if I’m wrong - ifconfig disappears on reboot… does your sync program keep refreshing them?

IP’s shouldn’t be this difficult - it’s the biggest stumbling block I’m seeing with this CP right now. I’d say this is one area that IW should concentrate on improving. (there’s my 2.5c USD - if it means anything :stuck_out_tongue: )

Other than that, so far, this experience has been pretty good, and I look forward to a nice relationship with Interworx!


Chris actually did it for me, however after looking at it it is easily done through webmin. Its been a long time since I visted any networking definitions, which Is the reason I wanted to see it done the first time.

I’m not that familiar with ifconfig, but under webmin there is a module in the networking section to add an interface activated at boot time, webmin just provides a frontend to ifconfig so I’m sure you can do it through the command line as well.

I will say that its nice that Iworx uses standard means of doing this, I have no idea how Ensim did it as none of the address show up to linux…

So I’m with you on that.

If you use webmin, just ckick on the networking section, network configuration, network interfaces and click on add new interface and then add new address range and you should be all set…

heh, I chose to do it the hard way… I haven’t used webmin/usermin in years.

For the record, here’s what I did:

cp /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:1
cp /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:2

then I edited each file (I use nano) - and substituted the correct IP address, and device name in each file. Then rebooted. Simple. That allowed me to add 2 IP’s to the server as nameservers, etc - and it can be used for static customer IP’s, etc.

As for Ensim, dont get me started - that was harder than hell to understand. I dont look back kindly on my days wiht Ensim 3.x … and I’ve heard it’s still not any better.

I’ll stick with my current offerings, and I’m glad to add InterWorx to the lineup. Customers will really appreciate some of the features included.

Thanks for your help - and Paul’s help especially on the weekend!


One of these days I’ll graduate:>)

Webmin has taught me a lot and been a life saver on more than one occasion, I think it integrates very well with a product like Interworx, both are targeted to doing different things…

And I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here also which is kewl and something you definately won’t get at the Ensim forums.

I’ve figured out that the best way to get everyone to make the switch is for all of us to change our forums handles to a female gender and exclaim how Interworx control panel makes us all hot and bothered.

These guys will be millionaires in no time after that:>)

Once they get that ensim backup import working I’m planning on makin waves over at Ensim and EV1, I checked EV1 for the word “interworx” on their forums and only found one post about one person who was asking if anyone ever used it, with no responses.

However we’ll change that situation real quick, those folks need to know that there is a better widget out there.

Once the import scripts are done, things will move quickly, there are a lot of customers in the marketplace that would switch if they were not strapped to a piece of crap like ensim…

Any props you can give us on any forums are welcome guys :). And we thank you in advance!

Regarding multiple IPs. All RedHat based distros allow you to make a “range” file which a range of IP info to map to the box. The range file needs to be named “ifcfg-eth0-range#”.

The contents describe the IP range to be mapped which also survives a reboot.

Here’s a sample of /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0-range0:


This maps .151 -> 154 to this box starting with eth0:1


I’ve never seen/used the range option - thanks for the tip.

So, just to clarify, there’s no DEVICE option needed in your example?

mine is:

Intel Corp.|82540EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller


Thanks again for the tip.

No DEVICE needed since the additional IPs are just taggingn onto eth0.


Just to make things as clear as I can:

[root@givitup network-scripts]# pwd
[root@givitup network-scripts]# cat ifcfg-eth0-range0