How to change a site to different IP address?

I have a need to move a site to a different IP address on my server. How do I go about that?


Please see the following docs:

If you are using the box that the siteworx account is on as the dns server, you will have to wait for DNS servers to update. Most update within 10-15 minutes, but some take upwards of two days. During this update time, the site will be unavailable.

If you are not using the box as a dns server, you need to make sure to update the IP in the outside dns server.

What do you mean “outside dns server.”

I changed 3 site’s IP addresses, and one of them haven’t changed yet after 5 hours. It just shows a website on the same shared IP address as it before I changed it. At my registrar I seem to have the exact same setting for all three sites. So why have one of them not changed like the others?

He means are you using your own ns1 and nameservers (hosting on your box) or your datacenters or some other nameservers you could be renting