How to clean up the DNS zones


Im going nuts. Moved a site from one server to another and now there are 2 zones instead of one each pointing to different IP. I can’t find any trace of the old zone.

We have primary and secondary Interworx DNS servers that handle the DNS for all of our servers.

I moved site from server01 to server02. I removed site from server01 once move was completed. Both servers sync to primary and secondary dns.

5 days later, I am still getting 2 zone info in dns test. Site works half the time and the other half it points to the default interworx page on the old server.

I have looked on all 4 servers in the iworx db for traces of the old zone and I cannot find anything.

Where does the DNS servers keep the dns info for all the zones that are synced to it?? They are NOT in the iworx db. Please if you have info on how I can clear this up and make a frustrated customer happy - I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!