How to fix broken IP mapping page?

The Default Sites page for IP mapping was empty and I didn’t see any way to create an entry. So I disabled and re-enabled and that’s when it froze up and I caught this error:

A System Error Has Occurred
replyCode: 500
replyText: Generic Server Issue

Next visit to the page shows a system error in a pink box.

To map domains to their IPs I edited vhost_000_defaults.conf directly and got it working. How do I fix the broken IP mapping page?

Hi sysnop

I’m not too sure the exact area you disabled/enabled or where your trying to map ip, sorry.

If possible, please could you post a screen shot and post your os, iw-cp version your using and if this is a vps or not.

Also, have you restarted your server

I’ll be finishing very soon though sorry.

Many thanks


Hello John,

It’s an OpenVZ VPS on CentOS 5. I’ve restarted Apache and iworx but not the VM. I’ll try that. Meanwhile, what I didn’t explain well enough first time…

Before I broke the IP Mgmt/Default Sites page in Nodeworx, I believe there was an option to turn the ‘default site’ feature on/off. It was enabled when I first went there to map the server to its IP, rather than Apache doing it alphabetically with virtualhosts. I did not see a form of any kind in the Default Sites page for adding anything as described in the docs, so I disabled then re-enabled to see if anything might snap into place. The page now displays a couple errors in their own pink boxes:

System Error
A system error has occurred. Please try your request again in a few minutes.
If the problem persists, please contact Support.

Hi sysnop

Many thanks, I know the area you mean.

As it was originally enabled, you should have seen a domain mapping, showing which site it was mapped too. I’m guessing yours was blank from your description.

I would open a ticket with interworx so they can see what’s going on.

Interworx are exceptional at explaining what the issue was to you, if you need to know.

I’m sorry I cannot be more help on this occasion sorry.

Many thanks


Since the vhost_000_defaults.conf file got the job done this is not critical. But I will contact Interworx support so they can help get the page to load properly. You’re right, the folks at Interworx always come through even on this annoying little stuff. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.