How to limit the bandwidth used by a reseler


Is there a way to limit the overall bandwidth all siteworx account of a reseler might use ?

For example, I have set a reseler account with 100GB of bandwidth.

But today he already used 136GB. Indeed he doesn’t set burstable option to off for their siteworx accounts


There isn’t today, but there will be in the next version. It’s already coded Pascal.


Thanks Chris

In the next version, does suspending a reseler will also suspend all reselers siteworx accounts ?

In the same kind of ideas, will it be possible to delete in one shot all the reseler siteworx accounts ? (today if the reseler own siteworx accounts the delete button for this reseler if greyed, so if you want to delete the reseler you first have to manually delete every reseler’s siteworx accounts. When he has 100 siteworx accounts…)


Yes, all those features are in the next release Pascal.