How to restore backup (SiteWorx)

I wanted to know how to restore a backup (Database, Email, Website, or all of the above).

I just tried a database backup and it is a dump, not the “history” (not sure what you call that) of all the inserts to rebuild the database. With past webhost I used before I got my own server I could use the “history” to rebuild the database through phpMyAdmin, but not sure what I am supposed to do with the backup siteworx creates.


The database backups are compressed using the bzip2 compression algorithm. You need to use the bunzip2 program to uncompress it into the format you’re expecting. I’ve attached the bunzip2 program (zipped, since vBulletin doesn’t let me upload .exe files).

You can then just drag and drop the .sql.bz2 file onto the bunzip2.exe file, and the file will be decompressed.

Paul (30.1 KB)