HTML edit crashes in Firefox

Whenever I try to save a file in Fileman using the HTML editor, it crashes all my Firefox windows. It also crashes if I try to switch to text mode. It does, however, save the changes.

I’m not sure if this is a Siteworx bug or a Fileman bug. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, if it crashes Firefox, then it’s a firefox bug as the browser (like an OS) should never crash. We’ve heard about this before and I’m fairly certain it doens’t crash in IE, so while there’s a solution I know it’s probably not the most popular.


FireFox is still quite a bit buggy. Instead of going back to IE, try Mozilla (the full browser), I am sure it works(using it right now).

FireFox still crashes on some major sites(infopop) and apps(webmin), as well as on some of my own javaScripts that work everywhere else. Im going to agree w/ Chris, its a browser bug, not the html-editor.