working but not?

Is there a known bug or something where works fine but doesn’t? I have this domain that’s having this problem, but SOME people can access Not me, and a considerable number of people can’t either.

www.domain just plain doesn’t resolve, but obviously does.

There is usually a DNS config problem when this happens kev82.

For example, nameservers listed in the domain’s records on the control panel not matching up with the nameservers listed with the registrar. See if that’s the case here.


Whois records dns servers resolve to my servers IPs, and those 2 IPs are listed in the zone info on my server… So that doesn’t seem to be the problem… Anything else that could be wrong?

You should also have “ServerAlias” in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ file

But if some peoples can access it, it should mean you have all set well or maybe it is just the dns propagation that isn’t finish ?

Could you please provide the real domain name ?


To add to what Pascal said… If “” is NOT listed as a ServerAlias (and you say it should be), check your DNS records in NodeWorx for that domain and make sure that “” is listed there as a CNAME and not an A record.

If this continues to be a problem feel free to open a support ticket and/or provide the domain name in question so we can check it out. It definately should work, so I’m sure we can figure out what’s up with the details.


The domain name is xxxx

As I said, xxx works for some, but not everyone. I tried changing xxxto a A record rather than a cname but that didn’t seem to change anything. xxx is a ServerAlias in the vhost and is in the dns server.

By the way, this doesn’t appear to be a problem with just this domain, but all domains on this server that are using the built in dns server.

At least part of the problem(s) was that the nameserver records were listed as IP addresses instead of nameservers (xx.xx.xx.xx instead of"

The steadfast folks asked us about this and we’ve fixed the domain’s nameserver records. The remain domains will also have to be fixed though, since they have the same incorrect (incorrect in that they are IP addresses) nameserver settings.


ok, i’ll give that a try and report back in 24 hours or so if this didn’t fix it…