HTTPS or secure directory

How can i upload files to secure http? Its not in my ftp folders.

Have you installed an SSL Certificate?

If you have, and you have done it for you domain, ie: then uploading into the ‘normal’ public_html will allow the files to be accessed through

If you have setup a sub-domain, such as then this will have been created with a folder in the main public_html such as /public_html/secure and files in there will be accessible through

I hope that is what you were asking, or have I mis-read?


when I go to: the browser will ask me if I want to accept the certificate and when I do accept It goes to a interworx page saying:


                    This page is used to test the proper operation of the              Apache Web server after it has been installed on this             InterWorx-CP server. If you can read this page, it means              that the Apache Web server installed on this server and is             working properly.

Do I still need to install a certificate? and how can I replace that page?

Ahh, okay. Well that means that you haven’t actually installed a SSL Certificate for that domain, and it is likely picking up the localhost.locadomain ssl.

What you need to do, if you wish to use and SSL Certificate, is either purchase one (look around, there are some good deals to be had ;)) or use a Self-Signed one, but remember using a Self-Signed Cert will mean users will get a “Not official SSL Cert” error everytime…

Then make sure the site you wish to use SSL for is on a dedicated IP, with the SSL Access box ticked in the Account setings page (in Nodeworx) and then in SiteWorx follow the on-screen prompts for installing an SSL.

Hope this helps.

I only have one server. Id there a way I can have two IPs one dedicated and one shared? because I’m using it for hosting

If you have have one domain to host, then you just need the one and set it dedicated for that domain (unless of course you are running DNS etc).

Otherwise yes, have one dedicated IP for the site you require SSL on, and then have a shared IP for anything else. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

Do I need two servers to have two IP address?

No, as the DC/Server Provider for 1 more IP Address, then use the IP Management in NodeWorx to add the IP to the machine.

Do you use port Triggering to forward ports to more than 1 IP? My primary IP is and I added for shared hosting. Should I forward ports to this IP too?

Ahh, it sounds like your server is running behind a firewall on a Local LAN?

Ermm, in this case, I honestly dont know. I deal only with servers which site in DataCentres on the internet.


unfortunetly there is a problem. I got to add the second shared IP to the same device. But after I put a domain on it, my domains stop working, and in the IP managment in nodeworx it says no domains used for both IPs, but I know the acounts are under it. After I deleted the domain that was on a shared IP everything was back to normal. What do you think the problem is? should I add it to the ethernet or use " lo" for loopback?

I would go for the eth0 connection.

Like I say, I have no experience of Interworx behind a firewall, running on a LAN. May be time for a ticket.