I can't see changes in 1.9.1

I have already updated inteworx to the version 1.9.1. but I can’t see any kind of change, and there is not any new service on the board, so please, I really would like to know what can be happening, what’s the problem.
Thank you very much.

Hi Lucas,

The upgrade from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1 didn’t really have any obvious changes, it just fixed a few bugs and inconsistencies. The 1.8.1 to 1.9.0 upgrade had a bunch of new features. Information on both releases is in the Annoucement Forum.


I think that I’m not very clear with my explanation:

I can’t see any of the changes from the old version 1.8.1 in comparison with the new one 1.9.1 because the users can not see the “awstats” and “spamassassin/clamav” does not appear as a service.
Please, I really need a solution because I don’t know if I am doing something wrongly. Thank you very much.

Please open a support ticket


Are you using a custom theme?

Good thinking Tim, that was indeed the problem :slight_smile:


I thought it might be.

I was poking around one of the theme directories last night and saw all of the files associated with them. I had assumed that themes were mostly css and a stock template file but there appears to be a .tpl file for every php page in there.

The problem was themes, already this solved, thank you very much by the fast answers.