/icons Alias on IW subdomains


I use a sub domain to allow some clients to download files. So we have set this directory with the option +Indexes and +Mutliviews

As the default conf, our httpd.conf file has an /icons alias pointing to /var/www/icons

If we list the contents of the directory with http://www.mydomain.com/subdom/ we can see all the icons.

If we list the contents of the directory with http://sudom.mydomain.com/ then we don’t see the icons

an example :

Any idea why ?
Could it be the IW rewrite rule for subdomains ?


Hi Pascal,

I finally had a chance to test this out on one of our boxes, and was able to reproduce the problem. I’m pretty sure it does have something to do with the Rewrite rules and how aliases and other Apache directives are processed, but haven’t yet figured out how to fix the problem. If I find a way, I’ll post back here and let you know.