ImageMagick / magickWand for php


I need to install magickwandforphp, an imagemagick php integrator

Well, I have installed imagemagick (with a lot of jobs as I had to find a lot of rpm) and downloaded the magickwandforphp

I know that I have to recompile PHP with the option –with-magickwand=IMG_MGCK_DIR But I’m a little confused on howto install magickwandforphp

Here is the isntruction step

  1. Extract the contents of the archive this file was in, or copy the
    entire directory the this file is in (make sure that it is still called
    “magickwand”) to the “ext” directory in the PHP source folder. So, if
    your PHP source folder is called “PHP_SRC_DIR”, you should end up with
    a directory structure like the following:


  2. Go into the “PHP_SRC_DIR/ext/magickwand/” directory, and run “phpize”.
    (A note: if this is the first time PHP is being installed, you have to
    install PHP without MagickWand, because “phpize” is a part of the PHP

  3. Go back to the main PHP source directory (from the example above, it
    would be “PHP_SRC_DIR”, and run:

    rm ./configure

    and then

    ./buildconf --force

    to remove and rebuild the PHP configure script.

  4. Follow the PHP installation instructions, but add


I thought use the php rpm src from interworx as I already done it for zip and mime_type but but here I don’t understand where I have to copy the all files in PHP_SRC_DIR/ext/magickwand/

I have to copy the contents of the tar file somewhere PHP_SRC_DIR/ext/magickwand/

I think it is because they use a src PHP, so it should have an “ext” dir, but with the RPM source, how I have to do ?

If you have some informations to help me to add this magickforphp by using the interworx SRPM php file, I’ll apreciate

Thanks a ton


This is going to be difficult no matter how you slice it Pascal. The problem is that the rpmbuild command untars + applies patches + configures + builds in 1 action and you need to interject the magickwandforphp code just after the untar / apply patches step.

You may just want to copy the configure command from iworx’s SPEC file and use it to compile your own custom PHP. You could alternately make a patch off of the 4.3.11 tree and edit the SPEC file’s sources section to add the patch for your custom mod.

mods that aren’t part of PHP itself are a pain pascal and for each upgrade you’ll have to do the same thing to get the mod working so if you can get around using it or find something else that does the job.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful Pascal.