ImageMagick on CentOS 4.1

I need to install ImageMagick on CentOS 4.1, but ‘yum install ImageMagick’ doesn’t seem to have it.

I see the ImageMagick RPMS here though…

Can I use those?

I didn’t have any problems.

I could have swore this part of the CentOS 4.1 core install anyway.

Have you verified that it’s in there yet?

rpm -qa | grep Image

No, its not there. Also, I just noticed that my yum.conf reads:

name=InterWorx-CP - RedHat Enterprise $releasever

Is that normal on a CentOS box?

I could be wrong, but i think it comes from the CentOS Extra’s repo, do you have that enabled?


Nope, no extras repo in my yum.conf … just the noarch and the one above. Also, there is the dag wieers repo which is commented out.

My worry now is is, why does yum.conf say rhe4x? Shouldn’t it say CentOS something?

CentOS 4.1 was built off of redhat enterprise 4, that is fine.

#additional packages that may be useful

#packages used/produced in the build but not released

might be in your yum.repos.d/ folder, in the CentOS-Base.repo file.

Make sure those are not commented.


As Clint said, it’s fine as is.