Import Account - Email Issues Follow!

We have recently set up a new VPS running Interworx 3.0.1. on Centos 4.4.

We have imported one account from the old VPS (3.0.1 and Centos 4.4 also) and all appeared ok except for the following email issue.

We cannot access email or send through Outlook 2007 at all. Mail is delivered to the server ok and is fully accessible by Webmail however we cannot connect from there to Outlook at all.

We have deleted the account on Outlook and started again however still no luck.

All other functions work correctly in all aspects of the account except this mail problem.

As we have about 30 email accounts (all gathereing email at server level) on this particular domain we do not want to have to delete the actual email accounts and start again.


Sending email might be an ISP blocking port 25, try using the alternate port for your server (587 default I believe). As per POP3’n to the server to download your messages have you tried telnet to see where the problem is? Does it connect at all? Is port 110 blocked somehow?