[Import] to reseller account

A possible feature request: the main nodeworx server admin account be able to import sites in the nodeworx control panel, without logging into the reseller account or through shell.

I ‘say’: could it be a drop-down in the import screen for reseller choice…


Noted. Definitely possible, and a very good idea. :slight_smile:


While we are at it - how about the ability to ADD siteworx accounts to a reseller account from the master logon, as we do sometimes help our resellers out.

Thanks for the note Socheat.

This is done in Ensim, when your in the Ensim Appliance Administrator, equivalent to Nodeworx, and when viewing a individual site site up, would be same as clicking on Siteworx while looking at accounts, there is a drop down menu that shows resellers and the admin can assign the site to any Reseller or leave it assigned to Appliance Administrator.

So while in Nodeworx and looking at accounts, maybe a drop down of all the resellers so that site could be assigned “on the fly” to any reseller, or if needed assigned to the admin.

and cpanel too…

You’ll be happy to know that this feature will most likely be in the next release, as is logging into a reseller account from the master login.


Actually being able to login to the resellers panel from Nodeworx will surpass the requests I have made as you can just pop into their account, as at the minute there is a grey area of the reseller account between server admin and siteworx.

Very nice to see that feature requests are taken seriously :slight_smile:

Very Nice indeed!

I can vouch that they are, I think I hold the record for requested features added :slight_smile:

I have a lot of ideas about control panel…
There is a lot of smart guys too. :wink:

this panel going to be leader in control panel market…

i think iworx is very useful and user friendly… and has some useful extra functions than other cpanels… but it’s still not enough… you have to work hard for #1:wink:

++ plus one idea

I think an API interface and documentation may be good for developing plugins for iworx…

They are revising the developer’s manual and it will be up again soon at