Importing a cPanel site to InterWorx and Keeping AWStats data

I have never imported a cPanel site to InterWorx.

But does anyone know if the import will keep the AWStats data from the cPanel account?

Also, will all mail accounts transfer over?

Well looks like this post has been viewed 44 times at the time of this posting and and with no replies I would assume no one knows for sure.

Here is what I found out moving a cPanel 11.25.0 to InterWorx 4.3

NO Web Stats Data is moved over. It was interesting to note that AWStats on the cPanel server was version 6.9 (build 1.925) and on InterWorx its showing 6.4 (build 1.814) Its interesting to note the latest version of AWStats is 6.95 and the 6.4 version is a March 2005 version. Wonder why that is?
EMAIL - Not sure, none was created in cPanel other than the default. And the default has 384K in that email box, the new default SiteWorx email address Postmaster only had 54K once created. So it doesn’t appear mail is moved over.

FTP accounts seem to have moved over.
SSL Certificate was moved over.
MySQL databases and all web site files where moved over.

Hey, sorry for the delay R-n-R

No web stats data is moved, period. To do this, we’d need to import the raw logs from cPanel, some of which are in different formats. The other issue is that these logs would then be parsed, so your new client would “appear” to have already used bandwidth for the current month, even though none of the bandwidth was on the existing machine.

Email should be 100%.

FTP, MySQL, and SSL are all included as well. Note that cPanel’s naming convention for MySQL databases and users is different than ours, and when a conflict will occur, our importer can change the database and user names to prevent issues. I’m pretty sure a warning is issued when this happens.

The AWStats is old cause “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” :slight_smile: I’ll log a feature request to test out/upgrade.


Thanks for the info Tim