Importing from Plesk 7.0.4

I see that your importer does plesk 7.5.0

What about earlier versions of plesk?

In addition to that, how does it work? Does it import the plesk backup? What if you have a LOT of domains/users/etc ?


What about earlier versions of plesk?

We’ve only tested with 7.5.0. Earlier version may work if the backup format isn’t terribly different. You may even find that some things are imported fine by older backups and some aren’t. We specifically made the system ignore things it doesn’t understand so while we don’t yet officially support older plesk imports you’re welcome to give it a try.

In addition to that, how does it work? Does it import the plesk backup? What if you have a LOT of domains/users/etc ?

Right now it’s simply single backup based. You can import a single backup from a plesk box. We’ll have tools for full server export/imports in the coming weeks.


See, this is why we were seeking a 30 day demo.

We’ve been using plesk for sometime, but they just want more and more and more and more money all the time for this and for that. Not to mention that their support is non-existent.

Plesk runs right now with minimal input on our parts, we don’t want to switch to something that has to be continually babysat to make sure it’s running like it should.

15 days refund isn’t adequate :frowning:

15 days refund isn’t adequate

We’re happy to do a 30 day money back guarantee jerricho.


Just from the user’s standpoint. I’ve used InterWorx for a year and a half and have never had to “babysit” it.

In virtially every case any problem I’ve had was:

  1. An installation problem from the data center
  2. Something I did
  3. An old version of a php script that had vulnerabilities

It’s very stable and yum does a good job of keeping the packages up to data as long as you have a current Linux distribution.

I think you’ll like InterWorx-CP.

You’ll be happy to know that it does in fact restore from plesk 7.0.4 backups.

But I managed to screw stuff up with my tinkering. :smiley:

Well now I am not sure what is going on. I tried a couple of small domains the other day to restore and everything seemed ok. They restored with all the right stuff, mail users, etc but now when I try to restore them I am getting errors.

Chris has been awesome in helping out but now the silly thing isn’t even restoring them at all. We went from restoring the web content but not the email accounts or the mysql databases to completely not importing anything :frowning:

I modified the 7.5.0 installer to work with the 7.0.4 backup (at least preliminarily) so it should be set now. 7.0.4 isn’t supported (yet) but with some small tweaks it looks like it’ll work ok for the most part. Not all data is getting pulled in but it’s better than nothing :).