index file priority - where to change this?

OK, I know at one time I changed this, but the priority of my index files seem to be messed up. I thought I set up the standard index.html as lowest priority and index.htm had priority over index.php, but anyway that is the case, and I need to change the priority list, BUT I can’t remember where this is done, can some one point me in the right direction?


The apache config directive you’re looking for is the DirectoryIndex line, and the precedence is from left to right, the left most having the highest precedence.


OK, found it and checked and all my setting are correct. A index.htm file has priority over a index.php file however a site on this server loaded Joomla! (using ScriptWorx) and the owner changed the default place holder page (the one that SiteWorx puts up after an SiteWorx account is set up) from index.html to index.htm (index.php has priority over index.html).

Even AFTER the file name change the index.php file is showing up. (They do not want the index.php file to load as default while they are developing the site)

What could be causing this anomaly?

NOTE: I DID set up the .htaccess file to point “//” to “” and that is how I set up a temporary fix. But am puzzled as to why the normal priority scheme isn’t being followed?

Have you checked /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf