Install and configure Front Page 5.0 (2002) extensions [HOWTO]

FPSE 2002 may have a silver lining after all - Part II

For the InterWorx crew, it seems as though Plesk/Virtuozzo doesn’t want to share their secrets to us… however it IS possible that with enough inquiries we may in fact be able to find out what they worked out (and WHERE within the source) for their Confixx-SuEXEC RPM - which is the KEY to making FPSE work. The more people asking them MAY lead to an answer, thus anyone willing to jump in on this one would be quite welcome to the cause!

I’m going to get ahold of a few folks more familiar with the SuExec source and see if we can’t do a little magic in reverse - hopefully one way or the other we’ll have the answers we need to create a SuExec patch for the majority of Linux operating systems.

For those asking about InterWorx compatibility, I cannot say there’s a 100% assurance however if InterWorx is not strictly dedicated to ROOT access via SuExec then I cannot imagine how the Plesk replacement would affect anything - anyone willing to test this out who is using Worx - please post your results here for all to share.

Best regards and best of luck!

T.J. Rode - President
American Networks, Assoc.
CentralWare, Inc.

Any updates on this?

Sorry, Plesk’s crew refused to answer our emails in this matter, however there’s likely something to be found online in relation to the changes needed to SuExec which are the key to getting FPSE to work under Linux distros. (For the time being I’m just using Plesks RPM to do the changes.)




does any one knows, where i get the latest frontpage server extensions version for linux? rtr does not offered it anylonger, please help me

best regards