Install lingerd

Has anyone installed lingerd on an iworx box???

If someone has, is there anything I should know before installing??? My main concern comes from the fact that apache needs to be patched, I am not sure at all about apache configure options and I am afraid I could break something (I always do :()
Any information will be highly appreciated. Specifically detailed apache configuration so not to break anything.


I haven’t heard of anyone else using this but it should be okay as long as you don’t mess woth suexec

Just three words of wisdom for playing with Apache:

  1. use httpd configtest BEFORE restarting/reloading the apache dameon to see if you got any errors
  2. Always make backup copies of your config files (other than the ones that the system may do for you)
  3. Do this when you aren’t expecting a lot of traffic (e.g. at night or early morning whatever it is for your box)

Good luck, and if you decide to try this please report back and tell us how it goes :slight_smile:

Thnks Tim, I?ll have to order a new box in a few days and I?ll try this thing before the server goes “live”. Anyway I am sure i wil break the box.

Yes, doing it on a non live box is always the best way to approch those things. Can’t tell you how many times I “broke” apache a couple years back trying to get FrontPage working.