Interrested In SiteWorx and NodeWorx Tutorials from Demo Wolf?

Spoke with Rob over at Demo Wolf and if there are enough interest in Demo Wolf creating Tutorials for SiteWorx and NodeWorx he would strongly consider it.

If you are interested make your voice known at this thread over at the Demo Wolf Forum.

Just wanted to chime in and validate this post. We at DemoWolf are constantly looking to produce new tutorials for the most popular applications as they relate to the hosting industry. If there’s enough demand, we will certainly develop tutorials for Interworx products. Let me know if there’s anything specific you would want covered.

I’ll subscribe to this thread in case anyone has any questions… but as mentioned above, we are mainly basing our production around the applications that are “most requested” over at our Tutorial Requests forum:

… so feel free to add your vote there (and/or here) :wink: