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does anyone have or can write or make script to remove interworx and what has connection with it? i bought dedicated server from sagonet and they installed interworx and i didnt agree to pay 20$ everymonth because i dont have! and now they dont remove interworx and they want 100$ to reinstall machine anyone please help with this … you should have option to remove interworx i couldnt see it anywhere in forums or site now i dont have access to interworx panel coz it says invalid licence!

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Well I suppose you could just get rid of /home/interworx, /etc/init.d/iworx, and /etc/httpd/conf.d/iworx.conf then edit /etc/yum.conf to point back to your distro’s servers instead of IWorx’s. InterWorx is pretty good about hooking what it needs to without taking control over the entire system. You could leave it in place and try it out without it destroying anything.

i want to remove not disable

i want to remove it not disable i will install plesk which allows me to add 9domains without paying

no one can help?

where is interworx staff? you know how to install make it but dont know how to remove it with all connection like php or mysql you know how to integrate into plesk but dont know how to remove and install plesk

I’m sure HostingCon has them a bit busy right now.


If you really want to remove everything interworx related, you should run as root:

yum list installed | grep iworx

This will list all the packages that InterWorx has installed. You will need to remove all these packages, update your yum.conf, and then reinstall the stock versions of those same files that come with your distribution. Or perhaps Plesk will reinstall the needed packages for you. However this may be the brute force approach, Paul or Chris will have the definitive answer (and probably more elegant), and they’ll be around in a few, after the early morning conference activities have finished.

However, I do want to let you know that it is possible to add 9 domains with InterWorx. In fact, since this is a dedicated server, you can add as many domains as you want. Unlimited. You would do this through the NodeWorx interface by adding additonal SiteWorx accounts. A single SiteWorx account per domain. If instead you wanted to have 9 domains go all to the same website, then you would do this in SiteWorx by adding pointer domains. I can provide more details if you wish, but I didn’t want to bore you with details if you are planning on switching to Plesk.

I just looked at Plesk’s site, and it looks like for a monthly lease you would have to pay $70.00/mo for unlimited domains, or $800 for a one-time license. For comparison, InterWorx also provides one-time licenses for ~$300.

I just wanted to make sure you know that, especially with the new 2.0 InterWorx-CP release, we have similar if not the same and/or more features than Plesk, and I’m sure other clients of ours (who post here regularly) can attest to the fact that we will be more than willing to help you get to know our control panel because it just might be more cost- and time-saving in the long run. Perhaps, after you’ve tried out InterWorx, with the help of expert peers and the InterWorx staff, then you can decide if Plesk serves your needs better, at which point you can switch. Just a thought.

Again, if you’re dead set on switching, Chris or Paul would be able to give you the definitive answer to how to remove InterWorx yourself. Be patient, they will be around very soon.


I did help another user do this once using the same method as Socheat mentioned and wrote a document about it but please understand that this has NOT been verified by an Iworx developer.

It DID appear to work for him, but I haven’t talked to him lately so I’m not sure if there wre any lasting issues. Perhaps Chris or Paul has a better method. You try this AT YOUR OWN RISK:

(Of course, worst case scenario you pay Sago the reinstall fee anyway.)

If you do decide to try this let us know how it goes.

EDIT: I see in skimming my doc there is a typo. The rpm -e command does not have a v option so use just use rpm -e and in some cases you may need to use rpm -ef (force)

Plus Plesk would not even give you the time of day if you where not paying for a product. Atleast here everyone is trying to help you the best they can.

If Sago was not willing to help you remove it I am going to guess you where rude to then, there staff is normally very helpful and willing to work with people.

Iris and the other support people are great to work with in all experinces I have had with them.

I would not be so sure of that. I’ve always had an excellent relationship with them but they still charged me for a reinstall about a year ago because their tech could not fix interworx and apparently didn’t know how to just remove it and reinstall from scratch.

The guy I helped before I wrote that helper doc was having problems with his InterWorx and Sago wanted to do a $100 reinstall. Between the two of us we got him running again. Both from my experience and what I’ve heard from others, a reinstall seems to be their cure all for every major problem.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Sago – Iris ROCKS – but this is an area where they deffinitely need to improve.

I’ll also say this – InterWorx 2.0 is SO much better than Plesk (I’ve got experience with both). I’ve been using 2.0 (starting in beta) for almost two weeks now and it’s so much easier to find things and unless you want Tomcat support or needed a larger supply of auto-install scripts there are no features that it has that Iworx doesn’t. Give it a try before you ditch it.

I can also tell you that Plesk WILL NOT INSTALL on a box that is not completely fresh. Any configuration you may ahve made to the settings (no matter how minor) will screw up the install. I did this myself when I started out. It wasn’t prety.

Yes I would agree hardware upgrads and server reinstalls is one of there main fixes for things, some of the techs more then others though, have been very lucky and very unlucky from time to time.

To uninstall InterWorx-CP, the command

yum erase interworx

will result in all the various RPMS interworx depends on to be uninstalled.

I have no idea whether Plesk to install cleanly from this point forward or not. I seriously doubt it, but again, I don’t know. If anyone could answer that question, it would be the Plesk folks. They are the ones that would know what “starting conditions” are neccessary for a successful install.


Figures it would be that easy :wink:


I have no idea whether Plesk to install cleanly from this point forward or not. I seriously doubt it, but again, I don’t know. If anyone could answer that question, it would be the Plesk folks. They are the ones that would know what “starting conditions” are neccessary for a successful install.


The Plesk manual is quite clear that it needs a fresh OS install, but of course their staff would know more in detail.


guys dont get me bad… i just dont have money to pay 20$ licence everymonth… and i will use plesk coz it doesnt ask licence till 9domain and i will just host my domains… and i couldnt get any support from sago and interworx support about mysql … i hosted 1 site and mysql was not working well… i emailed 2 many times… but no good help… mysql was not working when i put localhost as server… and manythings… now my licence off and i have no otherway rather removing interworx i asked sago staff to fix they asked 50$ for support they setup interworx and server ftp was not working they ask money for that too i hate … i really hate i paid 49$ setup fee and all i get is **** server…

noting wrong with interworx but yes with sago and interworx staff support… and i like logging and account management of interworx i guess it would be much better in time…

For future refference: If three is something wrong with the box, I’ve found with Sago you need to let them know ASAP, the longer you leave things the more you are likely to incur support fees. I am now using (a division of sago) since the servers are “managed” meaning they fix prety much anything without support costs. They are a bit more expensive but worth it for the peace of mind. Good Luck to you.