Interworx 3 ?


I like interworx CP, and I want to try it …

But 6 months ago I saw that there would be a new version “soon”… so I have been waiting, so if I start testing it would be with a new version.

Now I?m tired waiting? so my question is ?when will interworx 3 be launched ? ?


If you get a test licence now it will be for the 2.1.3 version as 3.0 isn’t released yet. But if you had autoupdate turned on it would update to 3.0 when it was released. There is no time limit on the testing licence.

We don’t have a release date yet, but ‘soon’ is getting close :slight_smile:


I sincerely hope there’s some deskankification of ClamAV & Spamassassin… those “minor point releases” are a bit critical these days. :wink:

Forgive me for asking the obvious, but are you saying that you are hoping for more frequent updates from clamav and SA? Those are completely different RPM’s and have nothing to do with the 3.0 release. I don’t know for sure how often they are updated (a dev would have to comment there) but I know we don’t wait on the next Iworx release to update them.


Yeah, I was just looking — actually, there’s been a lot of improvement in that realm, as far as keeping up with major releases (SA 3.1.8, only 10 days after release! Good job!).

But clamav-90.1 was released back on 03/02, and still no update … and … really, aside from having 3 RPM’s (base, db & clamd) rolled into one, I don’t see anything iworx specific to warrant a “special” package … that doesn’t mean there isn’t, mind you, just that I don’t see anything from a quick glance.

I brought up those two as an example, because, well, they seemed to get thrown on a backburner for a while.

I worry about that with every control panel I go to — 52 internally-built packages is a lot. Some of those packages that deal with the outside world on a regular basis (httpd, clamav, mod_ssl, mysql, php, spamassassin, vpopmail, qmail, misc. perl, etc.) need to be updated quickly when there’s a known security risk.

I’m not trying to be critical in this, mind you … It’s just that I’ve watched several “other” panels get bitten by that “we’ll put out an RPM” methodology over the last six years. You understand where I’m coming from?