interworx and php 5.2.2

If i update my centos 4.5 to php 5.2.2 i hope that would not affect anything on interworx.

I just moved my invison board to new server i am getting error

IPB WARNING [2] preg_match: internal pcre_fullinfo() error -3 (Line: 314 of /sources/ipsclass.php)
Could not determine your IP address

invision support is telling me to update php to 5.2.X

compile php

rather than
‘–with-pcre-regex=/usr’ ‘–with-zlib’

i hope if i compile my php ver that would not change anything with interworx and i hope when interworx updates thata wouth not chnage anything with php settings

Re-compiling PHP as per Invision support’s suggestion would do the job. Just be sure that you don’t recompile for the system PHP. All the howtos posted by other clients are how to re-compile the system PHP, so as long as you follow one of those, you should be fine.

can i u send me a link toany howtos?

You can find a bunch of them in our “Hacks/Tips/Tricks” forum:

[quote=IWorx-Socheat;13484]You can find a bunch of them in our “Hacks/Tips/Tricks” forum:[/quote]

i know that sounds lame but would u be able to give me step by step instructions? i am on centos 4.5

We don’t officially support upgrading your version of PHP and MySQL. However, the first thread in the Hacks/Tips/Tricks forums “Upgrade Guide for PHP and MySQL” ( has a link to a good step-by-step howto.

i would like to first re-compile not re-install it, shoot i am kind of stuck not really sure howto re-compile this

with-pcre-regex=/usr’ ‘–with-zlib’

to with-pcre-regex