Interworx and WHMCS - C'mon...TALK!!

What can we do to get Interworx and WHMCS to talk to each other?

If you haven’t looked at WHMCS, you don’t know what you’re missing. It is better than all of them. It just plain and simple IS!

I know that the rational mind would tell us that nothing is perfect, but the perfect marriage made in “hosting-heaven” would be Interworx and WHMCS. They are both so uniquely user-friendly, intuitive and powerful.

Is there some sort of rift between you guys (Interworx and WHMCS)? It doesn’t make sense not to make an interface module.

Dearly beloved Interworx Gurus, couldn’t you help with its development and get it taken care of?

Pretty Please? :smiley:

There’s no rift. :slight_smile: Matt from WHMCS contacted us awhile ago and we gave them their own license and set them up with their own VPS with full root access to do any developing and testing they needed. At one point, they contacted us with some problems, and we offered to help debug, but we haven’t heard back from them since. As far as we know, they’re still working on it.


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[QUOTE=IWorx-Socheat;14558]There’s no rift. :slight_smile: Matt from WHMCS contacted us awhile ago and we gave them their own license …As far as we know, they’re still working on it.


Unfortunately, latest word I read from Matt on the WHMCS forum is that they are NOT. :frowning:
Here is a snippet from Matt’s post on August 8th, 2007, regarding “Interworx Intergration”

No, it’s not being implemented at the current time. There will either need to be someone who creates the module and contributes it or a lot of InterWorx users wanting to use WHMCS for it to happen.

Earlier in the year, it looked like everything was a GO…then this response. (That’s why I asked if there was a “rift”.)

BTW, Socheat,
On the matter of cross posting, I realized that I had posted to the wrong forum and I went through the process of deleting it from that forum…at least it confirmed my deletion. I apologize, it was not my intention to do such a thing.

I looked seriously at WHMCS back earlier this year, and contacted Matt to get into contact with the guys here at IW. Once I found out that Matt was working on a module for IW, I put WHMCS into serious consideration. Then as you have said…nothing.

I have since focused all my energy on CE, while WHMCS is very good software, the guys over at CE are doing some great development. And the best thing of all, they have taken my request for features seriously.

So because of Matt’s low interest in IW, so has my interest been in WHMCS of late.

Great News from WHMCS!!!

Matt, from WHMCS, has just confirmed that he will, indeed, be working toward interfacing with Interworx. THREE CHEERS!! :smiley:

Here are snippets from Matt’s reply (I asked, and he gave me permission relay this information)…

I have emailed Socheat at Interworx yesterday but haven’t yet received a response. I can confirm I am looking into it for you and will do everything I can to get it implemented in the not too distant future - my request to Socheat was for some code samples or a testing environment so might just be taking him some time sort that out…
…we will be integrating with it provided we get co-operation from Interworx. Can’t offer any ETA yet though.
So, thank you, Matt, for not abandoning us Interworx users!!
And, thank you in advance, Socheat for making it possible to interface with WHMCS.
Finally INTERWORX the best dedicated server/hosting control panel system, will be able to join hands with WHMCS, the best client management/billing and support system.

Ahhh, life is good… You guys are the best!!

Great news :slight_smile:

Actually looks to be fully supported with WHMCS 3.5. :slight_smile:

That is great news, WHMCS is a pretty impressive peice of software.