Interworx + ColdFusion 7 = ?

I just became aware of Interworx today thanks to some threads at WHT. I noticed that eDixon and a few others were using CF as of the 1.8 upgrade. I also noticed that, while it’s apparently not really supported by Interworx, assistance was cheerfully provided by Interworx to help solve an issue, so points to you for not pawning it off on Macromedia. :slight_smile:

That brings me around to my question. CF7 figures prominently in the plans I have for a new server, and I have found no control panels save for Plesk that support it directly. Add-ons that aren’t supported by the panel don’t worry me (though such support would be nice – hint, hint), but I do wonder if there are any concerns about which I need to consider if I were to attempt to pair CF7 and Interworx on the same box.

We help out where we can Martin. I’m personally not versed in CF enough to comment but hopefully someone will chime in with the details you need.