InterWorx CP Layout for custom panel.

Not sure if this question belongs in here, but ok:

Several clients just register domains with us (without hosting), to be able to give them a DNS editor incl. some email aliases and URL redirects we always had to add the client as a reseller (for the dns zone editor) as well as setup a tiny siteworx account so that can manage the email aliases (no pop boxes).
This is quite a hassle and clutters the InterWorx panel with ‘non-hosting’ clients so we looked into a different solution.

We then made a small custom panel (php/mysql) outside of InterWorx with just a DNS editor and some addon’s to manage mail/url redirects. We was hoping that we could use the same layout/design as the InterWorx panel to make both seem alike. But, are we allowed to use the design that comes with InterWorx? (offcourse credits to InterWorx LLC will be visible in the footer :slight_smile: ).


Feel free to use our layout if it helps out your clients interface-wise :slight_smile:


Thanks (we were kinda hoping for this since we where already busy making the pages and different functions for it).

You might also look into this option within InterWorx itself. I’m sure we are not the only one that also sell domains without hosting.

The options that we are putting into this mini-panel is basicly just a zone editor that include so-called URL and MBOXFW records (next to NS, MX and A records etc) for URL and mail redirection much like but without the dynamic dns feature. (or actually, we haven’t found a solution yet to get that working using powerdns).