InterWorx-CP Version 1.8.1 Released

First and foremost, this update must be performed on servers already running version 1.8.0. You can check your current version by clicking the “Server Setup” menu item in NodeWorx. If you’re server us running version 1.7.1 or below, you must follow the upgrade instructions in the 1.8.0 announcement before this upgrade can be applied.

Second, this update will restart apache and the iworx webserver so that added features will been in place. This means that you SHOULD NOT initiate this update via the upgrade web interface in NodeWorx. If you have auto-updates turned on, you can wait until the upgrade happens by itself. If you don’t want to wait, or you have auto-updates turned off, you can log into your server as root, and run the command

yum update
and follow the prompts.

If you do execute the update via the web interface, you’ll find that the update will appear to run forever in your browser, but not to worry - everything will still function as it should - just open a support ticket so we can make sure you’re getting the full functionality of the update.

This version includes

Remote Access Key - for use with third party billing solutions.
This feature is located under Server Setup in NodeWorx. With this feature you can create, delete, suspend, and unsuspend accounts from third party billing solutions, with more functionality slated for the future.
At this time both DRAMSystem and ModernBill integrate with InterWorx-CP.

DRAMS v1.2.3 or higher is required.
ModernBill 4.2.1 Build 7 or higher is required.

Webmail improvements

Squirrelmail has been added as a second webmail option, in addition to the default, Horde/IMP. In the past, you have been able to get to webmail by adding “/webmail” to the end of any domain hosted on your InterWorx-CP server, but this would cause your browser to redirect to the InterWorx-CP secure port 2443. This was a problem for those working in a corporate where all “non-standard” ports are blocked by the corporate firewall. We’ve changed it so this redirect no longer happens, and from the webmail user’s perspective, all webmail is accessed via the default HTTP port, port 80.

Squirrelmail has been installed on http://<domain>/squirrelmail by default.
You can also use https, if a SSL certificate has been installed on <domain>.

PhpMyAdmin has been upgraded to version 2.6.0pl1

Bug fixes, including

  • FTP account add fails when home directory includes UPPERCASE letters
  • SSL Cert fails when added on www.domain.tld
  • Various files left in /tmp/ when they should be deleted
  • Apache error.log files grow indefinitely, can lead to crash - now purged daily.
  • Fileman upgraded to fix a potential security concern
  • URL attack on monitoring.php
  • URL attack on download.php
    (Thanks Emre for the last three)

Finally, the improved web interface for SiteWorx Account backup/restore has been moved to release 1.9.0. It’ll be worth the wait, we promise, and you won’t even be waiting very long, so thanks for being patient. :slight_smile:

NodeWorx - SiteWorx list problem

FILE: /nodeworx/siteworx.php

When I’m on the SiteWorx page in NodeWorx and I click the SiteWorx button it doesn’t work. The page loads, but it just loads back to the same exact page.

Also, before this my Iworx didn’t load. I had the page open already from last night and I clicked SiteWorx Accounts because I need to add some email accounts to a client’s account, but the page “was refused”. I had to “service iworx restart” to get the Iworx webserver to work. This was at about 10.30am today and my automatic update to 1.8.1 was around 7 am.


On a suggestion from Paul I tried in a different browsers (IE) and it worked.

Also, I deleted the InterWorx cookies in FireFox (thanks again Paul) and it is now working with that browser.

I updated via the command line and other than having to run /etc/init.d/iworx start after the upgrade everything went smoothly. :slight_smile:

Update ran flawlessly here. Haven’t seen any issues.

I was wondering when you were finally going to finally release 1.8.1 :wink:

Glad to see that you bumped the Backup/Restore to 1.9.0 if it isn’t ready yet in order to get the rest of the updates out. I was expecially waiting for the API key since I have installed DramsPlus.

Good work as always guys. My server updated automatically and everything appears to be fine.

Backup / Restore

I don’t mind waiting, I think it will be better than I expected. I stumbled upon a little preview of what’s to come and it seems like its going to be more along the lines of my the ideas on my “wish list” for the backup / restore… NodeWorx :smiley:

kewl. I look forward to it



Appears upgrade 1.8.1 has been added. however, wheres the access remote key functionality? Do I need to do something to get squirrelmail working?


Hi John,

Open a support ticket and we’ll take a look. If I recall correctly you’re using a custom template, which will need to be updated to include the access key template. But I’ll have to see what’s up with the squirrelmail url not working for you.


Uhm this is same problem I had with cpanel, with themes, if i created my own, then features werent added. I thought with smarty you could keep the functionality and design seperate.

Anyway around that? All I am doing is changing the banner for now of the vanilla ice template.

Question: where do you change from Horde to Squirrelmail? All I am finding is the link to “webmail” on the SW mail page that leads to Horde and nothing at all onthe NodeWorx setup page (where I’d expected to find it) or any place else. Am I blind? It’s clearly showing that I’m running 1.8.1.

Both horde and squirrelmail are installed and functioning at the same time by default. Horde is where it has always been, /webmail/ and squirrlemail is now accessible at <domain>/squirrelmail


Thanks, I just figured that out :slight_smile:

cool it works as a charm :slight_smile:

good job as everytime :-p

Did the api work ?

I’d like to interface my own payment module with NodeWorx by using your API, is it possible yet ?



I haven’t tested the API integration yet. Drams still makes me hand enter my plans into the system so I have to create an account and see if it works to see if the api inegration works. I plan to do that tomorrow afternoon. I’ll keep you posted.



Go to

Chris has a guide for API integration.

I like how it doesn’t redirect to port 2080 or 2443 although it still connects to those same ports on localhost… that proxy directive is pretty cool :cool:

So the clients with SSL can use secure webmail (using their own certificate) without the name warnings and those without SSL can just click OK on the warning.

Uhm this is same problem I had with cpanel, with themes, if i created my own, then features werent added. I thought with smarty you could keep the functionality and design seperate.

Smarty separates implementation and presentation. If we add to the implementation (features) that require presentation (UI) changes then template changes are a must.

Anyway around that? All I am doing is changing the banner for now of the vanilla ice template.

If you’re just changing the single image then you’ll be fine, but what I would do is use an image of the same name as the base template uses so you don’t have to edit the templates when new versions come out.



I can’t access SQUIRRELMAIL.

I have an error 404

I think it used to work.

If I remember well I have changed the certificate from nodeworx to use your API.

Do I have to change something in squirrelmail ?