Interworx Custom Apache/GForge


I am attempting to get GForge running on a server running Interworx. I am unable to get GForge to run with the custom apache version included with Interworx. However, if I remove the Interworx version of Apache and install the Centos version GForge runs fine. Any ideas as to what the difference between the two versions of apache are that may be causing this? Are there any major issues running Interworx with the standard Centos apache?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Tony,

There may be a problem running CGI with suexec using the default centos apache rpm, since I believe their suexec-root dir is compiled as in a different location (/var/www if I recall).

There isn’t really anything special other than that that is different with the InterWorx provided apache RPM - what problem did you run into, maybe we can figure out how to get it working.


Error Message

When I attempt to run gforge I get the following error:

Notice: Undefined index: 0 in /opt/gforge5/lib/external/creole/common/PreparedStatementCommon.php on line 0
PropelException: [wrapped: Could not execute query [Native Error: ERROR: operator does not exist: character =? HINT: No operator matches the given name and argument type(s). You may need to add explicit type casts.] [User Info: SELECT language.LANGUAGE_ID, language.NAME, language.FILENAME, language.LANGUAGE_CODE FROM language WHERE language.LANGUAGE_CODE=? LIMIT 1]]
#0 /opt/gforge5/lib/external/propel/util/BasePeer.php(0): BasePeer::doSelect()
#1 /opt/gforge5/lib/core/om/BaseLanguagePeer.php(0): BasePeer::doSelect()
#2 /opt/gforge5/lib/core/om/BaseLanguagePeer.php(0): BaseLanguagePeer::doSelectRS()
#3 /opt/gforge5/lib/core/om/BaseLanguagePeer.php(0): BaseLanguagePeer::doSelect()
#4 /opt/gforge5/www/gf.php(0): BaseLanguagePeer::doSelectOne()
#5 /opt/gforge5/www/gf.php(2): _il_exec(Object(Criteria), Object(PgSQLConnection))
#6 {main}

Does GForge work with PHP4? Did you make sure all the dependencies were installed? I found the following list in their install file for FC4 (close enough to CentOS 4.x)


PHP5 Is Installed

According to the install files it requires php 5 which is what we have installed on the box. THe entire interworx system is installed with the exception of apache which is Centos 2.0.52 which works with GForge. The iworx 2.0.59 verson will not work. I have installed interworx and then removed the iworx 2.0.59 package and replaced it with the centos 2.0.52 package to get gforge to work. I then installed the php 5 packages as required by gforge.


I’ll take a quick stab at installing this on one of our test boxes this weekend, and I’ll let you know if I’m successful.


What version of Gforge are you using? I was able to get version 4.5.16 installed without any problems, and I didn’t have to remove any of the iworx installed RPMs. I added a test project and did a few admin tasks, all without any errors or problems.