InterWorx httpd.conf - Adding P3P header that persists through upgrades?

We are serving InterWorx through an iframe, for reasons specific to our setup. Basically, we have the user going through our website (w/ SSL), which serves an iframe that points to the user’s specific InterWorx box (also using SSL). The advantages are that all users, even shared hosting, can use SSL to connect to InterWorx with no SSL warnings. Additionally, we have a permalink that can transcend SiteWorx account transfers and it looks very clean with everything going through our website.

The one problem is IE6+ users must receive a Compact Cookie Policy (P3P) header, or IE will not allow cookies on the iframe. This is easy, but InterWorx upgrades (automatically) and removes our configuration (an Include statement) in /home/interworx/etc/httpd/httpd.conf in the process. Unfortunately, our IE users always find the problem first since we cannot predict when the upgrade will occur.

Is there a place we can add this non-conflicting config without loosing it overnight via upgrades? I see /home/interworx/etc/httpd/httpd-custom.conf, which httpd.conf says is for user config, but InterWorx has claimed that one already. :smiley:

That httpd-custom.conf won’t be killed on update. You can drop your include in there.