Interworx Memory Usage

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Is it possible that Interworx is causing a memory leak of some sort?

My server memory usage (512MB ram total on my Celeron 1.8GHz) is always at 400MB or so. The first time I noticed this, I did a TOP and sorted it by memory usage and saw like 6-7 instances of SPAMD. I stopped the spamassassin server and SPAMD disappeared from the TOP list of apps.

However, somehow, even after a reboot (and with Spamassassin not running) the usage of my server always goes over 400MB, even when Idle (with no users except me, root, connected). I can only narrow it down to InterWorx/NodeWorx. Is that possible?

Linux caches free memory. What is the value of cached memory according to “top” ?

You can subtract this number from “used” to get a more accurate measurment of how much ram is actually in use.