InterWorx New Users FAQ (PUBLIC BETA) -- Repost from Sago

Posted this on the Sago forums earlier and thought that some here might also find it usefull.

Some of you may have heard that I am working on a New User’s FAQ for the InterWorx Server Management Suite. This was done in followup to the success of my “Your Own DNS Servers in InterWorx: A Crash Course” helper document and the encouragement of the InterWorx team.

The document has now entered a phase of PUBLIC BETA

Experienced users: I please check my facts

New Users: Please check this over for completeness

All users: Please check for typos and clairity

Please, if you use InterWorx chech this over for me and post your thoughts here, private msg me, or email me directly.

This could be a big help to a lot of users. Thanks

Tim Ryberg

Tim Ryberg

I do not work for Sago or Interworx, but I try to help my fellow Sago Citizens with their problems and questions.


Let me be the first to say thank you. We will obviosuly be providing tons of docs as we continue building interworx-cp but without users like you who have first hand experience it’d be hard to see what we need to improve on and how we can make things more clear. I’ll be the first to say that documentation is lacking, but we’ve tried to bridge this gap with our tutorials and ‘quickhelp’. This FAQ covers a lot of things I’ve been meaning to document and that have come up in the forums.

again, thanks Tim.


It’s not a problem, Chris. You’ve helped me tons since I started using InterWorx. Most of this info comes from the forums or things that people have asked me via email, ICQ, or AIM (Yes, believe it or not a lot of people contact me privately since I post about InterWorx . . . I guess they consider me an “expert” :slight_smile: )

Anyway, have a good day.