InterWorx on NUMA servers

What are the performance implications of running Interworx (httpd, PHP and MySQL etc) on a NUMA enabled server?
reading online, it seems like both httpd and MySQL have some problems with NUMA.

What are your thoughts?

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I hope you don’t mind, but I have not heard of numa, and I’m thinking perhaps some users may also not have.

Please could you post some links for numa so it is easier to have a look, or responses maybe limited if users have to google.

I will certainly look it up tommorow as it’s very late in the uk, but I’m sure if your asking the question, it will be worth looking into

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I know MySQL 5.5.x is more NUMA friendly, however I personally haven’t used that type of setup. So you want to run the latest MySQL version (or better yet Percona has details which you may know). I am not sure about Apache.

My best advice would be try it out on NUMA hardware and see what happens. Is that a possibility?

Here is the information on NUMA:

The following report might be on interest, but I haven’t read it all yet:

Our servers are currently running NUMA enabled. And since we are having some performance issues, I was wondering if that might be it.
NUMA was brought to my attention when MongoDB complained about that we have it activated. It seems that MongoDB Have performance issues with NUMA, but I’m unable to find a definite answer when it comes to Apache or MySQL.

I’m planning on testing to turn off NUMA, but right now I’m 500km from our servers, and I would like to be close to the DC when I do the test, incase I need to access the servers physically.