interworx to cpanel

Anyone know how to transfer from interworx to cpanel?

I already ran interworx backup for one account, scp transferred the tar.gz file over to the cpanel server. I tried the copy/transfer account with p/w option in whm, didn’t work.

I have one client that requires cpanel (cusotmer demands) so that is why I have to move him from IW.

Why would he want to do that? That’s like selling a Mercedes to buy a Schwin bike :rolleyes:

This question would probably be better for the cPanel forums… but I’m pretty sure they don’t have an easy migration tool for interworx.

What part of “customer demands” did you not understand exactly? You cannot tell a customer what they want or need, they decide.

Woa settle down now Thor, who told you to tell your customer anything?

Your so naive and immature. Back up, back off and find something better to do with your time than waste it sharing your invaluable opinions

may i back out as well?

You may have to just do it manually which shouldn’t be that bad, just more time consuming.