InterWorx Version 1.6.0 Released

If you have InterWorx updates enabled on your servers (the default) the update will happen automatically over the next 24 hours. If don’t want to wait you can get the update via the “Updates” tab in NodeWorx.

There are two new features in this release.

Autoresponders - There are now e-mail autoresponders avaiable in SiteWorx. A new package option for autoresponders has been added to new and existing packages.

Vacation Messages - E-mail boxes now can be set up to have custom vacation messages. Vacation messages are configurable via SiteWorx, and also via webmail, so the e-mail user doesn’t need access to SiteWorx to enable their vacation setting.

There was a bug that prevented webmail login from always working in Internet Explorer, and that has been fixed as of this release as well.