Interworx will work correctly with my configuration ?

[B]Hello Interworx Team,

After more search, i have choose your control panel because it’s really simple of use and very complete. But i want to know if it will work well with my configuration :

I have a U.S Robotics USR9105 modem/router/switch/firewall (with D.M.Z port) and the server linked to it. I have one public IP and the server has an private IP and it’s on a D.M.Z port.

Interworx will work perfectly with the configuration ?

Thank you for your answers.

(Sorry for for the grammatical mistakes but I’m french)[/B]

Yes, private IPs are no problem Gimly.


[B]Ok thanks Chris,
how I configure it in nodeworx or have you a link, because i don’t find a tutorial about configuration ?
Sorry if I badly sought …

[/B] Thank you for your answers.

What part are you looking to configure Gimly?

Oops sorry Chris, about IP. how I configure it in nodeworx ?

I had find my answer on your site, I had not sought well. Sorry.
Thanks for your previous answers Chris.